Rent peace of mind 26 years in the industry Available at 14 locations across India Customer retention rate of over 96%

Rank computers has been in the I.T. Industry for over 26 years and has been Specializing in the rental business since the last 15 years. We are a company focused exclusively on providing I.T. Equipment’s on Hire/Rent basis to small, medium and large organizations across various industry verticals, and hence we understand your needs best.

A Strong Conscience & Work Ethics

Who we are

We are committed to excellence in product quality and in service delivery, and this is borne out by the fact that our customer retention rate is over 96%. We have a presence in 12 cities across India, and this list is expanding.

We offer you the best product range from the leading IT and AV vendors in the country and we back it up with the best advice, and provide a superior service experience, every step of the way, at very competitive rental rates.

We maintain our equipment’s with utmost care and use the best parts available to keep them working at optimum levels, and stable. In this endeavour we also strive to increase the End-Of-Life cycle of our products, and eventually ensure they are disposed off in the safest possible manner without affecting our precious environment. And to achieve the aim of this responsibility, we have joined hands with companies that ensure safe and certified disposal of these equipment.

Our work ethic and our conscience is strong. We put ourselves in your shoes and meet every need with the utmost quality and efficiency. We don’t just try to do a quick project for you – we seek to become the reliable partner that your call on whenever a rental/technical need or crisis arises.

We’ll foster an exceptional working relationship with You, and that’s a promise!

To be the largest and most respected rental company in India.

Build a company by working with our clients and partners based on principles, values, service and a very high value for commitments.

Commited to Service & Quality


Why Rent


Rental equipment’s are ready ex-stock and usually delivered within 24-48 hours from the time of ordering. This decreases deployment time drastically. Be it for a branded or an unbranded equipment. Its always ready.

2. Free Up Capital:

Your Return on Capital in your business, or by putting it to better use, will be far more than if you utilized it on high depreciating equipment*. Renting equipment helps you Free up your Capital and put it to better use, and also in turn to reduce your debt burden, if any.


Scaling up operations or downsizing the same becomes much easier, and at zero additional cost, or loss, when you Rent your IT equipment. Just a simple phone call, or an email, does that for you. In the fast paced, rapidly changing scenarios we face in this time and age, this is a key reason to opt for Renting your equipment instead of Buying them.


Technology, as we know, is changing at a very rapid pace in this time and age. And its only expected to move faster. Under the circumstances processing power needs, and speeds, are becoming defining factors in helping internal processes become faster. Given this scenario, the Technology Refresh Rate is becoming shorter. Renting thus makes this adoption easier, and least expensive as a solution as compared to buying.

5. Simplification of your IT Process:

Renting frees you from procuring and maintaining Service Packs, or entering into different Service Level Agreement’s with different vendors for various products used by You or Your organization. It also frees you from maintaining records of Software Licenses owned by You or Your organization. When you are on a Rental model, your single contract will cover all the above areas. Your equipment will come with software preloaded.

6. Tax Benefits:

Renting helps keeps the high depreciating IT equipment off your balance sheet. Your monthly rentals, or any other payment option chosen by You or your organization, are considered as expenses in your book of accounts. The tax benefits incurred by Renting, outs to rest the advantages between Buying and Renting.*

7. Access to the Best in IT:

Renting allows you to use the Best IT equipment there is to offer, based on your needs. It brings within reach any and all IT equipment. Whether it’s a new Technology you want to try out, or simply use it for a short period of time, Renting helps you fulfill that desire. Renting brings within reach a whole range of technologies without you having to spend an arm and a leg for it.

8. Fastest Support:

As a company offering you this service, we understand a very simple fact. On a Rental model, our client is paying us for literally every hour of usage. And this motivates and drives us to ensure that your problems, if any, arising out of usage of our equipment, is attended to in the shortest possible time. This has helped us to be in a position to have the Fastest Response Time in the industry today.

9. Payment Options:

We provide you with Multiple options for payments. From the standard Monthly payments to Quarterly, Half Yearly and Yearly payment options are available on request. This helps you plan your cash flows, maximize your return on cash available and utilize it to the maximum.

10. Peace of Mind

Renting with Us ensure you have complete peace of mind. We not only Rent the equipment to You but also maintain it. Instant replacement of equipment to instant upgrades as the case or requirement maybe. We can also manage your entire IT department and free you of all worries and labor management issues. We make IT Simple.

#Equipment would come with your choice of Microsoft OS, only if ordered.

*.Certain benefits are subject to some conditions being fulfilled prior to enjoying the tax benefits of Renting versus Buying. We would request you to clarify the same with your Chartered Accountant.

Support & FAQs

4 Hours Response Time:

At Rank, we try and ensure that each and every Service Call is attended to within 4 hours from the time of logging in the call. And our onsite replacement option is built into all rental contracts and agreement, irrespective of its duration. This doubly ensures that all calls are Resolved in the shortest possible time, and your equipment is up and running.

24/7/365 Support:

An optional feature that we built into our service options. This gives you an opportunity to make a choice, if you feel its required, and ensure that even if something goes wrong with any of your Rentals, we would be watching it 24/7/365 to ensure it doesn’t stop, for too long. Highly recommended for additional peace of mind.

Standby Equipment Feature:

Although at an additional charge, this feature allows you to protect yourself by ordering a standby along with your Rental, at half the cost of your Rental. So, if it breaks down, you will have another to swap and switch over immediately, or configure it as a backup roll over, depending on the product. But a feature that allows you the benefit of securing the continuity of your processes by maintaining Zero Downtime, but at half the cost. Faulty equipment, after utilizing the Standby, under this feature, are replaced within 24 hours, unless otherwise mentioned in the Rental agreement or contract.

Support for all products and services is provided from Monday to Friday between 9:30 A.M. and 5:30 P.M. and on Saturdays from 9:30 A.M. to 1:30 P.M.