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At Rank, we provide you with integrated and branded Desktops on Rent. We ensure complete control over the quality of the integrated desktops by using the best parts available from reputed manufacturers, based on technical reports, to ensure every integrated desktop is able to withstand every possible work environment, and demand.

Computers on rent help minimize your maintenance costs and headaches associated with it. Our Computers come with full support against any defects, and the same, if any, are rectified in the shortest possible time.

Computers on rent in Mumbai or any of the other 10 cities that we provide our support and services in, enables you to utilize your capital for low depreciating assets, or for your business, or in promising investment opportunities. It allows you to accumulate your profits for expansion, by simply choosing a pay-as-you-go Rental model.

More importantly, using Desktops / Computers on Rent in Mumbai allows you the flexibility to scale up or down based on your business cycles, when it demands, or during low periods. And Literally with just one phone call.

A Computer on Rent in Mumbai or in any of the other 14 locations, is backed by the same consistent quality and support everywhere. And most importantly, you will have a single point of contact and a single number to dial into for all your sales requirements, as well as your support requests.

We make it really simple, and cost effective.

With the help of a simplified ordering process, we can have your Desktop delivered and running in a very short time.

At Rank, we stand behind our equipment with a dedication to Service that’s unequalled in the industry. From ordering and delivery to setup and maintenance, we are there with you all the way.

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Rank helped us successfully execute an internal training program for 120 fresh recruits from across India over a 3 day training period. They provided us with very good pre-rental support in order to plan the program and executed the event flawlessly. We have partnered with Rank now for all our future training programs, and internal rental requirements. We would highly recommend using their rental services.

Mr. Ajay SharmaIT Head, Banking Sector

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